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Rockwell Collins' Policy

Rockwell Collins' policy is to conduct its business in accordance with all applicable laws and with the highest standards of business conduct. If you know of or believe there might be violations of applicable laws, you may contact the Ombudsman at 319-295-7714, 866-224-8137 or
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Rockwell Collins is a world leader in the development and production of advanced communication and aviation electronics for the air transport, regional, business and military markets.

The company provides industry-leading avionics and in-flight entertainment systems to aircraft manufacturers and airlines worldwide, as well as avionics and communications systems for military applications to the United States and its allies worldwide.

Customer portal support

For questions or concerns related to the Rockwell Collins customer portal, user registration, or password maintenance please contact us

Customer portal support

For questions or concerns related to the Rockwell Collins customer portal, user registration, or password maintenance please contact us

To contact Rockwell Collins using email, please complete the online form available at

Email response times may vary and can be up to 7 business days. If your request is urgent, please use another option outlined below.
U.S. toll-free and Canada 888.721.3094
U.S. Virgin Islands 1.800.7213.0941
Australia 0011.800.7213.0941
Brazil 0021.800.7213.0941
China, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, United Kingdom 00.800.7213.0941
Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand 001.800.7213.0941
Korea 002.800.7213.0941
South Africa 09.800.7213.0941
All other Locations +800.7213.0941
Other 1.866.786.0290

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Rockwell Collins Corporate Site

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New Features  

Rockwell Collins recently refreshed to help you find information more easily. The Dashboard can now be found at the bottom of the home page under Support.  If you previously bookmarked the Dashboard, that bookmark will continue to work and take you directly to the Dashboard.

Getting to the My Account Dashboard Feature

Rockwell Collins recently refreshed and changed the way you access the Dashboard that displays Order Lookup. The Technical Publications Lookup may also be displayed if you have subscribed.

To access the Dashboard, click on the Dashboard link under Support at the bottom of the homepage.  You will then be requested to log in to your account at and be taken to the Dashboard.

Learn more in this brief video tutorial

Read the Frequently Asked Questions

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New Features Available for Technical Publications

Rockwell Collins recently launched enhancements designed to help you find technical publications more quickly.

Access the new Technical Publications Index

Technical Publications Index

You can search for technical publications using the global search box in the upper right corner of any page on Just type a keyword or phrase to begin. If necessary, from the search results page click the Pubs and Training tab. From there, you can sort results, and you can also perform an advanced search to limit results to pubs of a specific type or to search on multiple pieces of data.

Guest users can search for publications, but if you have an account with Rockwell Collins, we encourage you to log in so that you can download publications for which you are on distribution.

Authorized users of the technical publications index can also view all of their pubs on our dashboard. Just log in, then move your mouse over the My Account menu button and choose Dashboard.

Learn more about the new technical publications index and future planned enhancements.

If you wish, you can continue to access the legacy system.

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Account Management

To learn more about the Account Management Center in general, please read Introduction to the Account Management Center at